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Thanks Longblades,

We have tried a few of those. We are basically feeding her by hand as she won't eat from a dish and not at her usual eating location. We managed to get her to eat some grilled steak last night as we ate at the table and handed her pieces but only a very small amount. We took her for a short walk down the street and she was very eager to go so that was good. I tried some steak again before bed but she wasn't interested. Still not sure about giving the antibiotic on top of everything else but I know she probably needs it but don't want to kill what little appetite she has. Today is a new day and thankfully it is getting cooler outside. Maybe a few small walks will trigger some kind of interest in food.

This coming Wednesday night will be two weeks since the onset so I guess it is still not unusual for her to be 100%. She won't even sleep on her bed anymore, just on the floor. I think when this happened she thought she might fall off her bed and felt uncomfortable when stepping on the foam so she sleeps on the floor which I have never seen her do at night so I assume she still feels dizzy.

Thanks to everyone here for your support and advice
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