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That's a great idea! We were using a scarf but using a fabric bag sounds smart since it's probably easier to hold using the handles.

I gave her a second hot dog for dinner I hope she is okay. I have been worrying about her for awhile. She pants so much after she eats and given her age,I worry something else may be going on other than just the vestibulitis. I know it can take some dogs a few weeks and even longer to feel completely better so I hope that will happen. Her past blood tests have been fairly good with the slight elevated liver enzymes and urea and then there is her nasal cancer but it has now been allmost 2 years since that diagnosis which seems pretty amazing. I know she won't live forever and we have been so lucky to still enjoy her company after everything she's experienced. She is 2 months away from being 14. I want her to continue enjoying life and it is always hard to see them struggle, even with something like the vestibulitis which I know looks much worse than it actually is.
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