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Ahh thanks Bendyfoot! You gave me a much needed laugh. Yes, I think I internalized Teddy's hysterics after surgery... My childhood family dogs always came home from surgery looking tired and dopey. Teddy's reaction shocked me... it was like he was on amphetamines - unable to sit still, glassy and wild-eyed and crying hysterically - he was like a bull in a china shop, unable to calm down! The thought of that happening when he is stuck in a hospital clinic for two nights is extremely upsetting to me... which is why I will probably just drink coffee in their waiting room for two days or until I feel comfortable that he is ok... I know it sounds irrational, but I would do that if he was a human-baby, and it might be the only thing to calm me down.

And thanks for the perspective on amputations. Certainly I won't love him any less because he will still be perfect in my eyes. I have always had a tendency to "humanize him" and think of him as a human boy trapped in a dog's body... LOL
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