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Dogs have a real need to chew, and I think bones are great! I give my dog marrow (or knuckle or "soup" bones) with lots of meat on them.

If there are suitable ones in the meat counter - bones not too big and about 4 - 6" inches in length) I take those. If there are not, I ask the butcher to cut some for me. I also try and make sure they have some meat left on them. Your dog will strip the meat, then get the marrow out. If bones are longer than 6 inches, the dog will have difficulty getting all the marrow.

These bones are very thick, and raw bones don't splinter as cooked ones do.

Your dog will love this, and it's very satisfying for them.

NOTE: Your dog may have a little loose stool the first time eating these bones, but that will pass.
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