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Thanks for checking up on us Maxalisa,

She is doing very well I think. Her breathing improved again after being on the doxy. I think we have 4 or 5 days left- trying 14 days on then a break again. I still need to read the information you gave me and now that the holiday crazies are over, will sit down and figure out if there is anything else I can add to help her.

Panting hasn't been too bad lately and haven't tried the baking soda but will keep that in mind. Do you give a certain amount based on weight. I can also look that up but read something about it being toxic - maybe that is in excessive amounts.

I just hope that something I'm doing will help or I'll see some kind of improvement. Considering our vet said she had as little as 5 months, I am not seeing any indication that she is getting worse so that is good but I still worry a lot about it since I can't actually see what is going on and I know how quickly things can change but trying to be positive despite the prognosis.
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