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Thanks again hazelrunpack and MaxaLIsa,

I will look into your suggestions. I just picked up some doxy again because she sounded more stuffy and was having trouble sleeping the last two nights. She was waking up panting but again, if she sits outside the panting subsides so I wonder if it is the tumor, pain, temp, food or supplements I am giving. I am going to keep a diary to see if I can pinpoint anything that might be causing it.

I read something about baking soda and wondered about it. I always want to give my dogs a good portion of meat but I know that it is acidic. I am adding more green veggies like broccoli, brussell sprouts etc. But maybe a little baking soda would help. I have been giving vit C (ascorbic acid) but maybe ester C or sodium ascorbate might be better. I decided against ester C because I read something that said to stay away from the calcium based C for nasal cancer but for the life of me, I can't remember where I saw that now or the reason for it. Too much information in my head!

Thanks again for your help and recommendations.
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