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Thanks, there are just certain times of year where I am swamped, and this time it's a bit extra. In about a week and a half, life will be good again

Well, if beating cancer were a matter of just adding two or three supplements, then I think we would have already found a cure. So, without really knowing, the dogs that I've known that have done well, really were given quite a few things that some might have considered excessive. Of course, then we are afraid to take anything out once we find something that works! But I do understand the concern about so much "stuff"!

My girl Indy had brain lesions before she died. She did do better when I was giving her the algae DHA. I took her off because they were causing her lipomas to increase (fish oil did the same thing). I had no idea it was actually helping her, it was one of those hindsight things. I would have gladly taken the lipomas in exchange

I have that book by Messonier! I thought it was a very good book. I think he references a similar book by Blaylock, for humans, which I also made sure that I have in my library. I have something that I can send you if you want to pm me your email? it's a pdf book about cancer which you might be interested in.
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