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Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
I was reading another thread to stay away from fish? Not right?
It's true that you don't want to feed too much fish (tends to be higher in phosphorus), but the Wellness Beef & Salmon is one of the better fishy choices. What you really want to stay away from is a food that's all or mostly fish-based and has multiple types of fish, or even worse, unspecified fish (like "fish meal" or "white fish" or "ocean fish"). Many of the Fancy Feast or Friskies or 9-Lives fish flavours come to mind.

Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
I guess Fancy Feast has too much phosphorous? I know it's not considered a great food but I think it looks pretty good from the ingredients.
Most of the Fancy Feast flavours do have too much phosphorus (there are exceptions, like the minced or sliced "beef feast"). While FF isn't the worst food, and it's certainly better than eating kibble, it does usually contain by-products and unnamed meat sources. I feed it occasionally to my cat cause he likes lots of variety in his diet, but I try to keep it to 3 times a week or less.

Keeping the Wellness Core to a minimum would be a good idea as it's a bit high for phosphorus. It might be useful though, for getting your cat to eat other wet foods if you grind it up and sprinkle it on top of the canned.
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