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Prepared raw food

I buy pre-packaged raw food. The place I get it from gets their ingredients from local butcher shops/processing facilities and it's all human grade and hormone free. I often see the delivery trucks dropping off fresh shipments when I pull into the parking lot, so I know where it's coming from. They either grind it up or leave it whole, freeze it into long bars, and cut those up into one or two pound chunks. They have chinken, turkey, beef, bison, duck, venison, rabbit, lamb... all with bones, organs, and/or veggies. They have vitamins(kelp/alfalfa/yeast powder), salmon oil, sardines,whole marrow bones, and most importantly, green beef and lamb tripe.
They have a large and loyal list of clients, so they go through inventory very quickly, and the prices are very close to what I would pay myself at any local butcher or supermarket meat counter, quite often LESS!
I think I am quite lucky to have such an exeptional store to buy my raw dog food at, but if a store like this doesn't exist in your area, it would be much better to buy directly from your local butcher shop or meat counter. It's a good rule to always shop locally.
Check out their website because thay have good information about raw food and pet nutrition:
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