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get rid of dog in 20 days

I have 12.5 years old small dog. She is my only family. My dog is quiet. All she wants is being with me.
I have been living this apartment in Montreal since summer of 2008. When I moved in, the previous concierge permitted me to have her and that’s why I chose this apartment. The thing is it was done orally. This building has been having dogs/cats for a long time. Now it is down to two or three.
When I demanded respect my privacy by calling before visit, the concierge M (new one) told me he wouldn’t confirm because “I am the boss of the building, if you don’t like, find an apartment!”, and mentioned that everyone else obeys what he says but me.

Two days after I noticed paper at the door. I don’t know how it got inside. If it’s bailiff, does he have a right to enter my place? I don’t know all those things.

Basically the letter says that I had to get rid of my dog in 20 days because the lease said ‘no animal’. I was in shock that they used ‘get rid of’. It is life. It is not like something we throw it into garbage bin. Isn’t the welfare of animal respected? If my dog loses me, she will lose her mind and suffer more than I do. It probably kills her. My dog is old. She doesn’t have much left. The concierges have at least one small one themselves. They know how I feel about my dog and do this to me to harass me because I brought up some issues lately (drinking water safety and I don’t obey them). Or they were waiting chance to get more money? The letter also indicated the damage has to be paid kind of thing. How can she damage the building?

Yet, the letter is not telling me to move out. It seems they want me to break the lease so that they can get penalty.

And my dog is the only excuse that they could find since I never late to pay rent, no party, clean, etc…
Anyway, involving an innocent life for the business doesn’t seem right.

Financially, I won’t be able to buy a house and not be able to hire lawyer. So there is nothing I can do and am waiting to be called by the court. I have no idea what to come.

Do you know a way of saving my dog? Do you know what is going to happen to ? Does authorities come and take my dog away? Are they going to kill her? All we want is peaceful quiet life together.
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