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Well, I know because I just know. She is fine. It was a strange occurrence and she hasn't done it since. She has been to every one of her vet appointments for all of her vaccines and is in perfect health. Our vet was talking about her small bladder, being a chi and all - and sometimes they just get distracted and don't finish their pee - and then finish a few minutes later.
I've also had dogs all of my life and I've dealt with a couple of UTIs - I know how the dog behaves and what it looks like when they are straining and in trouble - and I know to bring my dogs in for medical help and tests the moment they are having a problem. I wouldn't sit on something serious like a UTI

Regardless ... everyone else ...

She is now four months old. There have been no accidents in the house since that last one, but we also don't give her the opportunity to have an accident. We are very attentive toward her and follow her schedule to get her outside to potty. She's doing great with going to her area and she knows the words perfectly.

So how do we know when she is actually housebroken?? She doesn't seem to be asking to go out, and to avoid accidents that could be detrimental to her progress, I get her out every hour or two. I am afraid to "test" her by waiting to see if she asks. I don't want to mess with her progress.

So I guess my question is now - how do I know when and if she is potty trained? Will she start asking the way all my other pups have?

I hate to have to have these questions - I've just never had a Chihuahua and it is true what they say about them being a little bit challenging where potty training is concerned. It's certainly never taken this long for any other pup I've had.
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