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My dogs don't seem to care at all, until they have to get on that dreaded table. They don't like the table because it's probably too high from their point of view. And while on the table they wag their tail and Sheeba licked the vet in the face but he didn't mind that because he owns a chocolate lab, which is always there and likes to visit the other animals. My girls like to greet everyone they see at the vet and don't understand why another animal would growl at them, like the kitties in carriers. But they wag their tails in greeting and whine if they don't get to see everyone.

I think Sheeba hates the dreaded thermometer more than anything. The look on her face is priceless.

Sandy is a good girl at the vet. When we first got her and she had all those health problems, the vet had to do blood work to diagnose. At first he just clipped a nail quick to get a couple drops of blood. Sandy didn't make a peep or even flinch. And she still lets me clip her claws with no fuss, even after going through the pain of having the quick cut on purpose like that. Another time the vet wanted to draw blood from her leg with a needle. We didn't even have to hold her down and I assisted by putting thumb pressure on the place he pointed at. Another time Sandy had to have a second blood test but the regular vet didn't draw the blood and it was some lady. She proceeded to put her arms around Sandy and really hold her down hard while a tech drew the blood and I told her all that force was really unnecessary but she glared at me and said I didn't know what I was talking about. I told her that's my dog and I know how she will behave and that she was scaring Sandy. Sandy looked at me like "HELP ME!" I was real close to calling that woman a bitch to her face but it was over quick enough. Never seen the same woman at the vet's ever again, thankfully. If I ever do, I will demand that she not touch my animals at all and only let the male vet or one of the nice techs do it. She is not a nice lady at all and shouldn't be messing with dogs. She always said she liked working with farm animals better and she's probably more suited to having her arm up a cow's rear.
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