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Unhappy New anxious cat is peeing on husbands clothes

We adopted a young (4mo) male cat from the SPCA a month ago. They warned us fairly that he has anxiety and would need help learning to socialize. We have been working hard, building trust and he is coming around.

A week ago I smelled something funky on my way into bed. My husband and it began investigating, thinking maybe one of our two cats had some faeces stuck to him. Checked older cat: clean. Husband picked up little cat and he was terrified. Husband held him while I tried to soothe him and check him and he started to urinate on the floor . Afterwards we finally found a well hidden pile of faeces in the very back of the closet.

A couple days later i sat on the bed to discover a wet spot beside me. Husband said the kitten had been sitting there earlier when he laid down and figured the cat peed out of fear. Couple days later I pick up laundry to discover kitten peed on husbands underwear.

This is the ONLY thing my cat-loving husband will not bear. Help!
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