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Exclamation What's my breed ?

Hello there! About six months ago, my girlfriend and I adopted an adorable little Kitten we named Gideon. Today, Gideon as a huge, crazy troublemaker whom we love to death. He is wild, crazy, and so full of energy. We adopted Gideon from a couple on Kijiji, and were given no information about his past. Honestly, they were a little shady, and we like to think we saved him by giving him a good, loving home. The reason I am posting here today is to find out exactly what species of cat Gideon is. At first, we thought he was simply a Grey Tabby, but as he had gotten older, his markings and his personality are leading us to believe that perhaps he has some Bengal blood in him. We can;t be sure, therefor we are posting here to perhaps find out exactly what our little Gideon is. Thanks in Advance for your help! Below are some photos of Gideon then and now.

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