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Growling puppy (last question I promise)

We have a 10 week old Chihuahua puppy named Gumdrop. We brought her home 2 weeks ago. She is very sweet and affectionate, playful, healthy, and trying very hard learning all of her training - she's very smart and willing to learn.

This week she has started growling a bit. I don't mind a little growling when she is playing - I know that is normal, but I know that growling when we pick her up, or wake her up to go potty, or basically let her know she can't do a certain thing is not acceptable. She has growled at my husband 3x and myself, 2x. They are like little spoiled brat tantrums. We are trying not to spoil her - but she is copping a bit of a wee pup attitude. How do I nip this in the bud to stop this behavior? I know when she play bites, the yelp and ignore works wonders - is that what we should do here? Should we break the behavior with a loud HEY, and then blatantly ignore her? Please help!!!! I so don't want an aggressive man-eating Chihuahua.
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