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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I'd definitely be consulting with a specialist before having my dog undergo this sort of surgery. I'd also be concerned about the cause of the yeast infections...the narrow canals may make it difficult to clear up but I'd want to know what's causing it in the first place. What are you feeding Lib, TripleL24? And what sort of meds have you already tried with her? Has the vet done a culture of her ears? Are you using a cleanser in addition to meds? Does she have any allergy-type symptoms? How is her skin, fur, paw pads? Is she often itchy?
Lib definitely has allergies. She will bite her legs/paws until they almost bleed. She's currently on nizoral (an anti-fungal oral medication) and benadryl to control what the vet feels is an excessive fungal production that makes her itch. She was on steroids (which caused her liver enzymes to elevate to ridiculous levels) and steroid/antihistamine combos which never controlled the itching/biting long-term. The nizoral and benadryl seem to be working very well for now. She's never been officially tested for specific allergies, but her allergies seem to be very environmentally related (weather changes, etc). We moved from Midwestern US to the Mid-Atlantic region, and her ear infection rates skyrocketed after the move. Should the nizoral lose its effectiveness, I will probably have Lib officially tested for specific allergens.

In terms of ear meds...she's been on different oral antibiotics over the course of all of this. The topical medication that she's currently on is momentomax, which has a steroid plus antibiotic in it. I do try to use ear cleanser on her ears, but she's gotten to a point that she hides whenever she thinks I'm going to clean her ears. I do clean the very outer portion of the ears often to remove the discharge.

I'm not sure if her ears have been specifically cultured recently (I think they were originally when she first presented over a year ago with a major infection), but they are microscopically reviewed...and usually reveal yeast as well as 4+ rod/cocci bacteria (I've gathered that 4+ is a pretty high level of bacterial growth/amount).

Being a typical schnazuer, Lib has elevated triglyceride levels, and was placed on a prescription dog food (Hills W/D) years ago. She does eat some commercial treats (MilkBones, etc).
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