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Originally Posted by breeze View Post
like one of these??

Attachment 61439
When I press the yellow box, it has the V logo, and then a blue ' http:// highlighted, I just paste it after that, and press ok? should after I post it it is in blue, should it be NOt bluewhen I paste something?
I think this maybe why I have some extra [Img] things.
But it did work a couple of times, I am tried deleting the pic and redoing it but it didn't seem to work.
I have used photobucket on other forums, and it always works.I clicked on 'properties and it said Java Script. I don't know if that makes a difference, it shouldn't because I was able to post some pics. Maybe it depends where I got the graphics? I used photobucket search and some one from another forum just posted them for me, as they know I love cats.
Does that matter?

the last thing I posted was the thing inside the box, should it be blue? or should I post over it? or after it?
It seems like when I paste after it I get extra stuff, or it doesn't work.
My explanation is clear as mud.
I am sorry to take up so much of your time,
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