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Gryphon went to the vet this past Saturday and I brought along pictures and information regarding the blue ring.

Our vet was bewildered about the blue ring and said (quote--unquote), "this is very strange...I've never seen a blue ring around the sclera before shouldn't be anything to worry about"

How can a vet say that they've never seen a blue ring around the sclera (eye) before BUT...I shouldn't be concerned about it????

Sure he gave me some excuses that because Gryphon is in fact--clumsy that he may have banged into something and bruised his eye but I just can't buy that. The fact that this ring only occurs in his left eye--concerns me.

I just don't know at this point how to go about getting a second opinion or where else to turn to.

Other than the blue ring--Gryphon was a good boy at the vet and checked out great (other than losing a couple of winter pounds ).
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