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BLUE RING AROUND LEFT EYE-Discussion with Dr. Lee

I am so honoured to have had discussions with Dr. Lee concerning a blue ring around Gryphon's eye that oddly enough--comes and goes. With his approval, I am showing our discussions below and would like to know if anyone else here has experienced with weird observance?

April 7, 2009 @ 4:05 p.m.


Thanks for the question. Eyes can be difficult to diagnose over the internet. From your description I assume there is no change in vision and pet feels fine. From the first picture I was wondering if perhaps there might be some tissue change in the third eyelid (scar tissue, low vascular area of tissue or mass).

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In the second picture the blue ring looks to be the normal part of the eye called the sclera (the whites of our eyes). Next time you see your vet, I would ask that she or he takes a detailed look at Gryphon's eye.

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Take care and hope it helps.
Christopher A. Lee, D.V.M., C.V.L.S.
Promoting surgical options and pet comfort through the use of lasers.

April 7, 2009 @ 9:53 p.m.


Referring to the color of the sclera. We typically think of it as white. However some dogs do have brown sclera’s from pigment and other dogs will have a range of 'white'. This range of white is due to the effects of many colors and light that we see in the area - the color of the iris, the pigmented or non-pigmented third eyelid, the fur color and deep or shallow setting of the eye will all affect the quality of white that we perceive of the sclera.

Typically with generalized illness and sclera color change we look for yellow (liver disease, certain blood diseases, etc...) and red (inflammation of the eye or conjunctiva). I suppose blue could be with certain problems of oxygenation but we would have to see a dramatic change of color of the gums/both eyes/and the pet.

In the end we are concerned about the presence of a focal disease of the left eye - I would just have Gryphon evaluated by your regular vet at the next check up unless some other clinical signs occur.

Best wishes.

Dr. Lee
Christopher A. Lee, D.V.M., C.V.L.S.
Promoting surgical options and pet comfort through the use of lasers.

Foot Note:

I am so happy to have gathered this information and Gryphon will be visiting our Vet the end of this month for his yearly check up. With Dr. Lee's assistance, I feel confident and better prepared to ask questions and inquire about this oddness.

Overall, Gryphon is in good health and can see very well afterall, he was able to seek and find skunks in the evening's darkness
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