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I would also be very careful because he's probably not neutered yet. Someone could take him and breed him unethically. I only say this to you because years and years ago when I was much younger I rehomed a dog of mine who just didn't seem happy in our home. He was a wanderer, about 6 months old and not neutered. I gave him away to one family who immediately lost him. A few days later he was returned to me as my tag was still on him. I kept him for a while longer and then someone who had seen him the first time I was rehoming him called me back and I gave him away, despite the fact I said I would not after he was found the first time. The fellow said he lived on a farm... blah blah, how would I know. I didn't know enough to check his credentials, address, talk to a vet, anything. To this day I feel I may have let this boy down, but I'll never know. So go cautiously into this Jull, it's not an easy undertaking, which is why I suggest a rescue group to help you out if you decide to rehome him. But do take your time, things may work themselves out yet. Oh, he is very darn cute!
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