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Originally Posted by heidiho View Post
Thank you Sammiec,that is my point,i called my vet all the time with questions about damien............I understand the money issue believe me,but call your vet if they find it serious enough to be seen,then go from there................Any vet will have no problem with someone calling worried about there pet......
while they might be nice about it, few vets are going to feel comfortable diagnosing an animal they can't see. A lot of them are busy with patients who're there, and can't answer the phone. I'm sure they don't want to spend every evening after work returning calls from the people who don't want to spend money to bring their pet in.
They can't run tests over the phone, and can't always go by what we say it looks like. Most are likely to just tell you to bring your pet in. I think it's a mistake for them to make a blind guess at the seriousness unless it's something really obvious, or someone calls in to say "my puppy sneezed once today".

Vets are about a hundred times less likely to worry about being sued than human docs, but you'll never find a human doc (unless he/she is a close family friend...and even then) who will say anything other than "come in" if you call. I think most vets are going to do the same.