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I feed my border collie a raw diet, and Heinz is right. We use Mountain Dog raw food, which is pre-packaged with fruits and veggies in it. Here's a blurb about it from their website,

We use chicken from inspected sources..... NOT from a rendering plant! This chicken ( comprising mainly of backs, thighs, drumsticks left from the deboning process) is then either ground ( bone-in) or left whole for those that prefer to feed whole raw meaty bones.

The ground chicken is then put into forms and frozen.

For the meat / vegetable mixes; we mix the meat with a vegetable & fruit mixture containing 70% meat and 30% veggie/fruit. We encourage you to add leftover veggies from your meals.

Our mixture

Carrots, Celery, Apples, Yams

Dehydrated Alfalfa

The vegetables, fruit and chicken are all ground together and then frozen.
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