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7 week old gsd biting/nipping some growls......

Hi, I'm new to site and read about nipping puppy.....also read about 7 weeks too young to adopt, but I read Monk's of New Skete books and they recommend 7-10 weeks is prime for GSD puppies. Mine keeps nipping, have replaced our limbs for chew toys, and tried redirecting, holding muzzle briefly (which I guess will have the opposite effect, I hope a day and a half of that won't cause too much damage....) I read about sticking a finger into the mouth or pushing the hand into the mouth further.....obviously that doesn't work...I will try the yelping....and ignoring....yelping and ignoring. I hope this works, my 8 year old is terrified of her 'coming after him, even though she is only 14 lbs.....and I have a 2 year old, who doesn't care, but says, NO BITE really loud......Wish us luck, willing to hear if the yelping thing works from others....oh, and this morning she growled at me.....first time ever......(again, we've had her 2 days....)....she may be trying to become the alpha......
Advice please!
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