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7 week old puppy biting and growling...ALL THE TIME!

So im sure this has been posted b4 but i coulnt find a post similar to my problem

My beautiful 7week old puppy has taken to biting and growling ppl. She attacks my feet and pant legs and when i tell your "no!" she just bites down harder. My hands and feet look like i have just bought "the kitten from hell".. im all scratched up and i just dont know what to do to make her stop. I tried just putting her on "time out" to calm down but as soon as i let her out she is at it again! I tried grabing her snout and holding it shut while i say "no bite" but she just screams like im hurting her... ( Im not grabbing her hard at all.. i love her and would never hurt her) . I also just tried getting her to let go and saying "no bite"and giving her something else to chew on lke a toy that way she gets the idea that she needs to bite those not me. The problem seems to be getting worse. I know puppys bite and nip but she does it HARD and she growls at the same time...IF i pick her up to calm her down she just wiggles and growls and tries to bite... ( she has bitten my face and my chest.. not very fun)

Any advice?
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