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Pepper losing/pulling his hair off

Just recently I had my cat groomed. She used diluted vinegar to rinse the shampoo and said that she had used the vinegar on show cats. I'm not sure, but my cat started to pull out his hair. I took Pepper to the vet and twice I've received the same .... antibiotics with steroid. One other problem here is that Pepper may have a heart murmur. I can't afford the echocardiogram at the moment to determine the severity of the murmur, but I will come February. In any case, the antibiotic +steroid hasn't really helped. I feed Pepper a bit of Science Diet cat food (turkey, chicken, etc.) and hard food is Royal Canin Indoor 27. He loves them both and eats a lot of it. But he's still pulling out his hair ! Now, I believe he's pulling off his rear end hair, his leg hair, and getting closer to his neck. He's velvet black with bits of gray, he's simply adorable and I really love him .. he's the best thing that could happen to me at this point in time. I suspect that it could be an allergy; I'm going to start giving him Omega-3 in his food daily. Can I massage his almost bald areas with hydrocortisone 1% (the anti-itch med used by humans)? or is it toxic? I am using Advantage flea repellant since the vet thought Pepper might be allergic to fleas. What else can I do? Thanks for helping me out.

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My cat had a tumor on his inner hind leg that was removed a year ago. Within the past year he has lost 2 pounds, vomits, and his hair is missing in patches, but then grows back. Just now I took his collar off to find a ring of missing hair around his neck! The collar was not tight at all, in fact the cat could have slipped it off he wanted to. An ex-ray showed an enlarged liver and we (the vet and I) think the tumor has spread into cancer in his abdomen, but the vet said an ultrasound would be needed to confirm it. The vet also said the cancer would not be causing the hair loss. The vet did numerous tests, but he said each came back negative. Any tips on what I should do now?
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