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Thank you so much for your support. It really is a day by day thing. This morning he threw up all his food 15 minutes after he ate. So I'm guessing his medication is gaving him nausea. Fed him again later and his was ok.

I did take a lot of Sugar Cat Mom's feeding suggestions. So far it looks like he wants to eat, but he gives up easily because he has trouble chewing, which again seems connected with nerve functions. So I bought medical a/d critical care food as it becomes almost liquid after a couple seconds in the microwave. He is being a very trusting boy, licking the food off my fingers, he won't take food from my husband though, for some reason, although they have been best buddies since Diablo was 4 months old.

Again, thank you so much for your input and we are very grateful for your thoughts and prayers!

Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
When mystery illnesses strike I often think of immune suppression of some sort. There are other causes than FIV to have an inmmune system compromised. It's just a thought though. Your theory of an infection affecting the brain such as meningitis sounds plausible too. I'll be including Diablo in my thoughts and daily requests.
The suggestions to feed him posted are really good. Sugar Cat Mom is really good with nutrition knowledge so you could sure use her advice.
It's really hard not knowing, not having a diagnosis. It's one of the worst parts. In the mean time vet bills growing plus the pain of seeing your cat not well.
I would also try a holistic veterinarian. He or she might have a different approach. Although seems that your vet is getting on the right track with the nervous system infection.
Go one day at a time so you won't be way too overwhelmed and keep Diablo eating and hydrated even if it's only from the water that food contains.
Get better Diablo. Get well and recover your strenght.
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