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Kitten on Debridat

I'm on vacations at my parents and they have a mega multicat house hold (9 at the moment) they have placed many as well in new homes
Anyway Thelma is the newest rescue. An aprox 4 month old kitten. Thelma got sick a couple of weeks ago, she was very constipated and had a colitis as well. She's doing really well now, there is something that bugs me. As a part of her treatment the vet prescribed 0.3ml of Debridat every 12 hours for 30 days. The treatment helped a lot however I think 30 days is way too long for a kitten.
She's also on lactulose and I add more water to her food and some sweet potato and that's just fine the only thing that bugs me is the 30 day treatment. Am I being too paranoid?
I could use some input on this

Thanks friends :P
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