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You say you don't want to take her for a walk so does that mean this behaviour only happens on walks? In that case, easy answer. 11 week old puppies don't really need walks. Play they need but that can be off leash in a safe place. However, I'm going to go ahead and assume that's not what you meant and she bites anytime, not just on walks.

Some rules of thumb for walks. Not out in public till safely vaccinated is one many of us follow. You can find other ways to socialize and habituate to loud noises etc.

Another rule of thumb. Forced exercise of 5 minutes per month of age allowed twice a day. Forced is anything on leash, compelled to keep up to you, in a straight line, on a hard surface. Consider any or all to be something to be wary of for fear of straining young joints.

Off leash play on a soft surface allows puppy to stop or change direction when she feels like it. This kind of play unlimited. This is what is better for tiring them out.

It sounds as if you might unintentionally be giving her too much exercise. She's just a baby. Know how small children get antsy, nasty and unpleasant when over tired? Puppies do too.

The above I got from a U.K. dog site and I followed it loosely.

Distracting with a toy is good but it must come BEFORE the bad behaviour. You want to prevent it, not redirect it, at best. At worst re-directing, if poorly timed, can seem like a reward or participation on your part. Try to throw a toy when you see her getting worked up and thinking about a bite, before she actually bites. This takes a bit of observation but I found a sense of self preservation developed my observation skills in reading puppy body language improved pretty quickly. LOL

Ome method I've seen endorsed but never tried myself is to remove puppy from your leg and fold a bit of her lip over one of her own sharp little teeth and saying No. No is probably pretty meaningless for her right now unless you have associated it with something negative.

This is an old thread but if you read through some of the answers above you may find some good ideas.
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