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i rescued some baby squirrels n others

I joined this site after i found some baby squirrels at work.
5 yrs ago i found one that was sqreaming n fell from a treee. I called the wildlife center n took it 2 days later yo yhem. I live in ajax so they took him n was able to release again when it grew up. A happy story.
This past mondY i found two siblings on the grass. Their eyes where closed. I took to wildlife center n they put to sleep. I was sooooooo upset. They said the eyes must be open to accept them. They seemed healthy but they stilled euthenizdd.2 days later i found the other two siblings. One on the grass n other screaming trying to get down from the lwedge. The caretaker got him down.
The black squirrel was smaller n with eyes open. The grey was bigger but eyes closed. I refused to call wildlife as i felt so bad already. I took them home used hot water bottles, fed home made pedialite, helped with washroom then gave the puppy replacement foof that can only be fed to them.2 days later the grey squirrels eyes opened. That was yesterdY. Today i took them in to the center so they can do their job helping them be squirrels that will survive in the big world. Soooo, if only i kept the other two on monday, 4 days later their eyes would have been opened if not sooner. I hate that rule.
But they now only accept squirrels fron toronto area n not durham. Good news is there is aVet in bomanville that is a rehabilitator eho will take squirrels even with eyes closed. Yrs!!!! Or u lie n say you found them in toronto visiting someone or at work. I work at different schools so i'm all over.
If you need advice or help caring for an animals please emil me or contact me here if you can. I'm new to this site.
MelindA, you are awesome!!
A stray cat had kittens in my backyard 8 weeks ago n left onr. We now have kept her. Kmr constipates so use 1 can of evaporated milk n equal boiling water. Mix 1 tablespoon of corn syrup with the water n 1 egg yolk with the milk. Add together n thats it!!! Doesnt bum them up. Vet gave me recipe. I only made half the amount as i had only one kitten. Splitting egg yolk hard but did. I found the other 3 kittens n my vet is adopti.g them out. Animal control would assess if ferrel n put to sleep in 1 week they said. Thank god for my vet!!!!!
Good luck all!!
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