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cat pregnacy

how would you know if your cat is pregnant? cuz my dad is taking my cat 2 the vet & we don't want to get her fixed cuz we WANT the kittens for my little brother who is blind & she can only have 2-3 @ a time be cuz she is so little. isn't when they start to give milk after 3 weeks and start getting roundish around 4-5weeks? & don't they have there kittens around 9-10 weeks? the last post i had i basically got yelled at even though we want the kittens and i want to make sure she is preganate before i got my lil bro excited. so i would really like to know if those 2 symptoms are from pregnancy or just from hormones and just getting fat. but yes, we r taing her to the vet, & no i'm not going w/ my father cuz i'll be at school & he would not tell me right away till i get all my research done cuz i'm hoping to help out w/ the vet over the summer.