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Originally Posted by mip View Post
we live in the rosebud /drumheller area
on september 10 my 10 years old spayed female chihuahua girl
went missing
sometime around 10 am
she was last seen in our fenced back yard
there is 1.000.00 $ reward for her safe return
she has no known health issue actually had just passed her 6 month vet check including blood work with flying color
zoe is awesome with people not so great with other dogs
she has a tattoo in her left ear
zoe has been my girl for 10 years now i sure feel lost without her
so if you guys could spread the word around i would very much appreciate that thank you
What kind of fence do you have, can people see your dog through the fence? If not I hate to say this but a hawk could had gotten your dog. I hope I am wrong.
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