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bloodwork results for Airedale

Bloodwork results for my airedale show he is low in sugar and hypoglycemic and also has a high white cell count. Back on antibiotics, off the thyroid meds as they now think the thyroid is masking something else.
He is to have 4 smaller meals a day which is a challenge because he really isn't terribly interested in eating, even his very favourite things. We go back Monday to see if there is any change.

I've been reluctant to go on antibiotics yet again because they cause the yeast infection in his ears. This has been chronic for a year, nothing vet prescribed has worked for his ears until I discovered gentian a homeopathic remedy. I started using witch hazel to clean and that was soothing and then a pet store owner told me her customers had success with the gentian. It is amazing and certainly works for my guy Malcolm.
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