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Arrow Thank you for your responses

Thank you all for your replies. My neighbor here is a doctor and I have asked him about Maji's condition. He was the one who said she might be having a miscarriage or that she may be early-aborting. I live on the island of St. Lucia. Unfortunately, there is a general disregard for animals here - especially those that do not provide a food source or a service. Cats and dogs are very undervalued (in my opinion) and do not have the kind of care they need here. Most people I have asked about Maji say, "well, if she dies you'll just get another one!" - not the response I am looking for. Due to the nature of the living conditions here, all animal doctors (and even bush doctors) only treat large animals such as horses, cows and sheep. I have been asking around for advice on cat pregnancy, but it seems that there is little regard for it or knowledge of it. Some locals who have animals and were willing to give me advice were less than convincing. They gave me several bush-medicine recipes and even rituals to perform both if which I am very weary of using.

So, this is why I have turned to online help. If there was help available here, believe me, I would have gotten it by now. There are 24 other Peace Corps volunteers on the island, all of which are aware of Maji's situation, none of which know what to do about it. Again, why I have been online all night searching for help.

Maji seems to be staying very close to me now and I am keeping a close eye in her. I will keep you posted if anything eventful happens.

Thanks again for you time and concern.

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