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Originally Posted by Shelties3 View Post
That is the webiste I looked at, and it is how I figured out the "fly-biting" thing. But it does not seem to be what she is doing. On that website, it says that most commonly seizures occure when the dog is being quiet, calm, laying down, or just being relaxed, and that isn't the case here.

She will be playing with a toy one minute, and the next, chasing her "bug". She is doing it right now!

I have video of her chasing her bug, and in it I talk to her, and she stops chasing her bug and focuses on me, and then goes back to chasing her bug!

She is really good outside, and at other places, it just seems to be in the house.
hi, we have a silkie yorkie mix that we just got about 2 months ago and she is now 6 months old. I am not sure what her home life was before but I am beginning to think she was stressed. She goes in circles a lot and it is hard to distract her. Then tonight she start running around biting the air. We actually thought there was a fly in the house. Then we thought she was seeing things. So I googled it and found this site and this info on fly biting. Also, from the time we have had her she has shaken her head sometimes. I took her to the vet the first week I got her and finished up her puppy shots and started her on sentinal. He also said he heard a small heart murmer but that she might grow out of it but would keep an eye on it. I am beginning to think this is something else. I gave her a 1/4 of the sedate med that we have from the vet that we gave our other dog for storms and that calmed her down. Should I be concerned?
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