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Ok, well, thanks all for your tips and support. Now, I think things may have escalated.

Yesterday, I came home to vomit and diahrea everywhere, by which I mean every piece of carpet, had something on it. She was fine when I left back to work from lunch at 1pm, but by 5:15, the house looked like a bomb went off. I know for sure it was her vomit, as they had had some cookies at lunch, and she stole most of the other dog's cookies, and there were the same number of cookies in the vomit as she had gotten. As for the diahrea, I can't say for sure whose it was, as they all had clean bums, and had just had a bath the night before.

I did phone my vet, they said no food, water only for 24 hours, and to watch her carefully, and I am to talk to my vet today (she was off yesterday). I gave her a couple (10) kibble at dinner when I fed the other two dogs, and within 5 minutes, she threw it up. So no food for Mila. But other than the throwing up her food, she is happy, playful, running and playing, she even had the 'zoomies' in the back yard, playing with the other two dogs!

We have a friend who is a pharmacist, and he said in humans, seeing things and vomit and diahrea is the signs of a brain tumor. I had thought of that, but you don't like to think of the worst.

But, we talk to Mila's vet today, and see what we will be doing next. MRI? Who Knows! Wish us luck!
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