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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Hi again:

The phlegmy cough could be due to irritation caused by the insertion of the tube. No idea what would cause the frothy pee. There is a possibility that some of the meds could be causing some sort of issue as well. All sorts of reasons could be at play here and we just don't know.

For piece of mind, if you have an emerge number for your vet, give them a call and just tell them what's going on and what has you concerned. We know it's a concern, but sometimes we need to let meds and time take the necessary time to do the healing.

We fully understand your frustrations over this - I'd be the same way.
I did contact my vet with my concerns and he eased my mind. The frothy pee could be due to air in his bladder from a test we had done to check urine/kidney/protein levels. He's at least opening his eyes and I try and have him in an area with some activity and where I can keep an eye on him Mother hen that I am. Thanks for the support always needed. Happy New Year
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