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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Happy New Year Tiggy2:

It has been my experience that whenever I decided to do something different, it takes up to maybe 24 hours or more for there to be any kind of change. This also applies to if they have had surgery of some kind too - which your Tig had. So you have to give time for recovery from that stress.

Did you change the kind of food you are giving to kitty? and what are you feeding him now? You're better to be on the light side with the food until he's more mobile and up and around.

A lot depends on the cat too. Some are more willing to change and some don't like it at all. So it may take a day or two for his system to adjust to the new routine. We humans have the same sort of problem when it comes right down to it.

His body is likely saying - hey this is new, let's just take it slow and easy till we see what's going on here.
its 24 hours now and he just had a pee that was frothy and still not moving. I've given him 30ml of Recovery A/D cat food and going to give another 30 now. He's had a prednisolone which I crushed up and put in his water syringe, also some morphine (can't spell the correct name). Cat food is the same I've been syringe feeding him, no vomiting or urge to do so. He does has a phlegmy cough. He's so despondent and I'm so worried. Trying to have some kind of New Years celebration, but not feeling much like it.

Should I be worried about frothy pee?
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