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I'm getting more and more frustrated by this cat. We've been so vigilant, especially these last few days. Bedroom doors closed, furniture covered in tarps when we're not home and when we're sleeping. I really can't live this way, it's mentally and emotionally draining to have to tarp and untarp furniture and keep all rooms closed off, our house isn't a home anymore it's a piss proof zone. It feels like we're punishing all the animals for the actions of one. The others can't sleep on the bed, the sofa or any other comfortable soft surface, can't roam the house and explore. I feel so helpless.

Tonight, I opened my bedroom door to get ready for bed, then went five steps across the hall to the washroom, I walked back into the bedroom as I'm brushing my teeth and Angus is pissing on the bed, yet again!!!! This is literally a few moments from the time I opened the door. I just bought a new comforter yesterday to replace the one he ruined last week and it's now covered in pee.

I have done so much to try to curb this. I'm waiting to hear back from my vet about the Cosequin and pain meds. I'm going to call again tomorrow.

I've been checking the litterbox frequently the last few days and noticed that there has only been one pee per day in the box, I'm assuming this is Finn's pee due to the sheer volume of pee that Angus deposited on my bed a few moments ago. He isn't using the box to pee at all, and seems to be holding it all day in the hopes of having a place other than the litterbox to relieve himself.

What does this holding mean? Pain?
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