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Originally Posted by pitter View Post
it turned out to be a mass on her spleen. it was not ruptured nor bleeding so he is leaning towards it being benign vs. the hermangiosarcoma.

i pray hes right. i pray she has a good recovery & gets to live out her days in peace.
I just want to give you some words of encouragement. Think positive on this. When my little Tipper had her spleen removed, I wasn't given encouraging news and was told it would probably be cancer--it wasn't. She had the hemangioma. It puzzled the vets because she had not had a traumatic incident, her spleen just massively engorged. Tipper's blood count was around 21 and she got transfusions. Scotties are smaller dogs, but Tipper's spleen was the size of a 16 oz soda bottle. It weighed over a pound. The massive size was putting pressure on other organs keeping her from being able to eat. Since she was overweight and fluffy it was hard to see swelling like you were able to. Tipper's biopsy came back negative for cancer. I pray you will get good news as well.

Tipper was slow to heal from this, but it is a very major surgery. In our case, Tipper spent several days in an ICU hospital. Her spleen removal caused something odd to happen to her heart rhythm. I was told she was "throwing cardiac enzymes".

Since I have gone through this, I do want to offer this bit of advice. The spleen works with the immune system. I did notice that Tipper got odd, random infections during the rest of her life. Watch for this and address any signs of infection quickly. Tipper lived a little over one year following her surgery. She got bladder cancer (which my breed is sadly prone to) and the cancer medication caused her kidneys to fail. Her passing was not directly related to losing her spleen.

Good luck and I hope you get your baby home soon.
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