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blood results are in. everything is fine with excpetion to slight anemia, should be 30 & shes 28. pancreas enzymes were a concern as they are off. liver seems fine. white blood cells elevated suggesting cancer.

im torn. i chose to go with the exploratory surgery. if they cannot operate it will be around $750, plus $250 to PTS & cremation.

if the tumor can be removed it'll be $1000.

she is clearly un-comfortable. im just so torn.

i left her at the vet for the surgery but now im second guessing. is it really going to buy her much time? its a lot of money for me, that i really dont have.

i would rather euth, that way she can pass peacefully in our arms vs. on the operating table.

im just dont know what to do.

tell myself that shes 13 & had a good life. or think about what if.....

the vet seemed more hopeful but the vet tech doesnt think there is a good chance.

i hate this. i love my dog more than anything.

sorry, im just so torn & time is ticking
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