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13 year old with massive growth in abdomen

So my dog has began to slow down. She is a 13 year old am. pit bull terrier. She lives at my dads & for the past few years I have always accused them of over feeding her. More recently, like the last few months, I have noticed that it is more "bloating" vs. over feeding. In august she had difficulty walking. after bringing her to the vet it was thought to be arthritis. she has been on metacam ever since.

over the past week she has gone down hill. sleeping a lot, loss of appetite & peeing more frequently.

off to the vet we go. x-ray shows a HUGE mass in her abdomen, the size of a childs soccer ball. The vet didnt recommend any sort of treatment. we were told to enjoy the next few days with her. I went to put her down on saturday. it turns out her original vet was the one to see us. he was surprised we jump to euth right away. we have since done blood tests & i will find out tomorrow.

now im expecting the blood tests to just show how her organs are functioning, rbc/wbc counts etc. im not expecting to know where this tumor is attached or if its malignant.

my bf had a dog 3 years ago go through a similar situation, where the mass was attached to the spleen, for which they did not know until surgery. it turned out to be hemangiosarcoma & she died 2 weeks later.

my vet doesnt think its the spleen due to the size but again said he will not know until exploratory surgery.

is there any other way that is less invasive to determine what kind of tumor & or where?

has anyone been through a similar situation?

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