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Wow, thanks for all the info!!

I do have a water test kit I test the water before I put him in it, and pH is ~7.8 with no nitrites or ammonia. (this is before I put him in it of course)

Should I test the water he's in if I clean his tank everyday?

Definitely not gonna put the little bugger in there while it's cycling, not the first time I do it anyway, lol. I'd be too scared that I would mess it up and kill him.

Peas? Really, lol If he'll get them down, I bought him blood worm treats and now he barely wants anything else.

Spots I can't really tell if they are under his skin or not, they are fairly distinct on his blue dorsal fin, but on his red fins I don't notice any. They seem to be flat and not bumps.

I don't notice any white spots, but its hard to tell because it looks like his red fins have flakes of blue in them. The white on the tips of his fins looks more like a lack of colour rather than a fungus or something. Actually now i think his whole large, ventral fin might be turning white, the tips are a light pink.

No pictures yet, but once I get my tank set up (hopefully a week or two from today with some Biospira) I'll for sure take some

Thanks for all your help!!
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