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i wouldnt worry about the actual temp as much as keeping it a constant temp. if you can keep it in a warm room instead of fluxuating the temp through out the day. you could try keeping a little aquarium salt in the water. just remember that salt doesnt evaporate. top off with fresh water before performing water changes....

and did you say you were cycling the 10g when it comes in?!?! i could kiss you. good for you for cycling the tank first!! very few, if any cycle their first (or even second) tank!! i know i didnt!!

fin rot is fairly common in stressed bettas. do you have a water quality test kit?? id highly suggest picking up one. they last forever, especially with just one tank. that way you can monitor his water quality and also of the 10g while it cycles. do you plan on fishless cycling?? it takes a pinch of food rather than a fish.

since you are doing daily water changes already, set the water out you will use the next day so you can be sure the temp is the same and the water has a chance to balance itself with the air. that could also be stressing him.

fin rot will usually clear up on its own if given the chance. i WILL say i had a betta once who just perpetually had fin rot. i had to keep aquarium salt in his tank.

keep us posted on your beauty!!

and do yo uhave some pictures?? once you reach a certain post count you shoudl be able to post some pics, not sure how many that is thought.

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