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Orange cat urgently needs home Montreal

I just received this note from a guy who works at my vet's -

We have another cat to save,

The Owner lived next to the clinic 3 years ago and came to ask us about a Orange and White cat that was roaming aroung the area,I told him and his girlfriend that the cat in question was a stray.
They decided to keep it and I told them that if they got the cat vaccinated and would care for him , I would pay for the castration....
Since then everything as gone great but yesterday the owner told me that he was going to europe and could not find someone to take the cat.....he told me that he was going to send him to the berger blanc...
He loves to go out and was not declawed...I would love to keep him but I already do have a cat that as peeing problems as soon has another cat comes to the appartment

I will send you a picture, I know that I am asking for a lot but Ireally do love this cat, the problem is that he is not a very frendly cat with other cats and dogs.

I don't know what the time-line is or what the routine is at Berger Blanc.
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