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hazelrunpack - Thanks for the prompt reply

I think that was actually the only one in the house. He's never swallowed anything he wasn't supposed to, naughty boy. I suppose he could have got into something else, I have no idea how he even got that one.

Anyway, you're making a lot of sense and I think you're probably right about all of it. As to whether the benadryl is helping, I'm convinced not. He seems just as miserable before it as without it.

We had gone to the vet for the vomiting but they didn't spot any blockage and they said his stomach felt okay, so either it was an oversight on their part or it wasn't creating a visible block. he's seemed much better since, but today he was quite insistant on going out, usually he's not, so i took him out and found it when I went to pick i up.

But I think you're right, I think if he seems to take a worse turn I'll take him in otherwise I'll just call on Monday to see if they want to do any tests or anything. I appreciate all your help! Thank you!
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