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The PP Collar is designed to imitate the pressure applied when a dog is correcting or dominating another dog. Dogs instinctively apply pressure to the neck of subordinate dogs in an act of dominance and to correct unwanted behaviour. Mothers correct their pups in the same manner. Just as a dog does not apply enough pressure to penetrate the skin of the subordinate dog, either is the PP Collar designed to act in such a manner. The collar, because of the way it is designed places pressure on the dog�s neck in much the same way a dog places pressure on a subordinate dog. Dogs instinctively understand this form of correction, as they have been using this type of correction for tens of thousands of years. Most carnivorous pack animals use this type of correction on subordinate pack members to maintain control and maintain its position within the pack.

These collars are one of the most humane and natural ways of establishing in the dogs mind that the human owner is higher in the pack, because of this natural instinct inherent in all canines.

the only place in Australia that the PP collar is prohibited is in Victoria as the prime minister seems to think that they are capable of cutting or breaking the skin(which they are not),