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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Ummm, I don't think we're allowed to use them, but that's one of the questions I will ask the VCA. I know that if they thought they were okay we'd see them around the shows. We aren't allowed to shock our dogs with electronic collars either. and you know those invisible fences, I think they can only be used if they are inside a normal fence. In other words to stop the dog jumping up on it I guess.
technically you didnt answer what i asked you,,,you are making a judgement on a training tool that you have never seen in practice,,,kinda wondering has nothing to do with whether or not they are allowed at shows..If one peice of equipt worked on all dogs then there would only be that one on the market right,,,,i used the prong on my golden,,,no go,,,scruff is too thick,,,tried the gentle leader harness,,no go,,normal collar,,,etc etc,,i have resorted to a specific head harness that so far is working,,,next stop would be fork out the money for ceasar millans illusion collar,,,i would never resort to using a choke chain on my big guy,,,so if you saw my 100lb fluffy goofy faced golden with a prong on,,would you assume he was aggressive,,or would you see his gentle face and go aaaaaawwwwww...