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I have followed the link now, read the part of Our Journal about this man, and I think no differently. You tell me where this was going to end up if he hadn't died? Just how big could that pack have become? If the public there condone what he's done then you shouldn't complain about how many dogs end up in shelters. We are all going to die, I don't think it's fair on others to leave this sort of chaos for others to deal with.
And hey, I live in a world where the female canine is a bitch and the male is a dog. At shows here we refer to Baby Puppy Bitches, Junior Bitches, Intermediate Bitches , Open Bitch, Challenge Bitch etc., it is not a derogatory swear word here. And I feel sorry for you if you are so easily offended by canine terminology. And I mean that literally, because to quote from Harold R. Spira's book "Canine Terminology" ... Bitch - A female of the canine species. I'm sorry, but being censored for calling a bitch a bitch seems funny on a pet forum.
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