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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post

Goldfields - I don't think you quite understand the situation....This man lived deep in the bush, with no road access at all. He wasn't a man of means. How so many dogs ended up living with him, I can only surmise that the dogs were strays from trappers originally and they bred causing the population to expand....It isn't a matter of whether it was a good or bad idea to try and care for that many dogs, nobody can care for 200 dogs properly, he did what he could, he cared.
No, it isn't a matter of whether it was a good or bad idea to care for that many dogs, it's a matter of whether he really cared if he allowed them to breed up into those numbers. I see it no different to me allowing my sheep numbers here to skyrocket. If you want them to have proper care you have to slam the brakes on and keep your numbers down. I got my first cattle dog bitch in 1974, from a high producing line. Litters of 10 to 12 pups. Imagine how many I could have by now if I hadn't controlled the situation.
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