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Jean, would take any stray in, I guess people would drop off dogs saying they didn't want them and he would just take care of them. He lived in the middle of the bush and I mean bush. I don't even know if he had electricity!

There was a fire and he went back in to rescue more puppies and he died leaving all the dogs and puppies to fend for themselves.

The small rescues run by volunteers started joining together to help these dogs. As the OSPCA was doing absolutely nothing, they are a government agency that gets paid to help animals btw.

My town took in 2 dogs..I don't know why they didn't take in a couple more. I guess they don't have enough foster homes.

Chris there is no OSPCA in Cochrane, it is a lady in cochrane that is doing the organizing. The OSPCA is actually pissed that she went up to mile 26 to help the dogs and didn't wait for the OSPCA to get their sh!t together! The OSPCA has still not been up to Mile 26 and this happened May 21st. So if Pamela Had waited all the of dogs would of been dead!

They still can't find a tranquiller gun to get the other dogs that are too scared of the dogs who have been eating the other smaller dogs beceause they had no food and were starving.

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